Racine Z Wheel

Racine Z Wheel

Racine Z wheels are made of zirconium and are longer lasting because they are made with a tougher, harder grit that will outperform Aluminum Oxide wheels in cutting performance.

On 132 Ib standard rail, the Racine Z 16" wheel delivers up to 6 cuts without turning the saw around and up to 8 cuts when finished from the other side.

Smooth Cuts
The Racine Z wheel has a very smooth clean cutting action that allows the operator to use less effort when sawing through rail.

Racine Wheel

Performance with Savings! Priced like an economy wheel with the preformance of the premium wheel.

One Wheel For All Rail Saws
Unlike other abrasive wheels, the Racine Wheel can be used with any fixtured rail saw on the market with typical longevity of four to six cuts or more. Customers have told us that they have seen up to 10 cuts when you turn around the saw.

Save on Inventory Costs
Reduce the costly stocking of multiple wheel types specific to one model saw.