Ultra Kut II Oil Injected Saw 14" & 16"


No Manual Mixing of Oil & Gas
The Ultra Kut II Oil Injected rail saw utilizes a Husqvarna 3122K power head, specially designed for heavy-duty use. The patented Oil Injection system requires no manual mixing of gasoline and oil,which minimizes costly repairs and downtime due to wrong fuel mix. A low oil shut off system makes the saw inoperable when the oil level is low, thus preventing repairs from improper oil/gas mix.

Less Operator Fatigue and Easier Handling
More available power than competitive models. Cuttingtimes are reduced to less than one minute on standard 132 lb rail. One of the lightest saws on the market, weighing only 56 lbs., including the clamp and arm assembly.

Exclusive Cutting Options
Our lightweight clamp and arm assembly allow for either top or side cutting method. Not available with competitive models. The Ultra Kut II also has a unique turn around feature that allows the operator to turn the saw and cut from the other side of the rail without removing the clamp and arm assembly.

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