Racine Railroad Products Company Information

Racine Railroad Products expanded its operations to a new location at 1955 Norwood Court, Mount Pleasant, WI 53403.   Racine Railroad Products expanded its operations to a new location at 1955 Norwood Court, Mount Pleasant, WI 53403. Photo is an ariel view of the new property.

Racine Railroad Products has been manufacturing maintenance-of-way equipment since 1970. RRP is a major manufacturer of several ride-on machines that include:

  • Rail anchor machines that apply, remove, spread and squeeze rail anchors in full crib
  • Clip machines that are capable of either applying or retracting many types of resilient rail fasteners
  • Rail Tie Straighteners that that adjust skewed ties in full ballast conditions
  • OTM Reclaimer to pick up ferrous track material and scrap to be recycled
  • Tie Plate Inserters that can simultaneously lift both rails and insert tie plates with one operator
  • Innovative and easy to use tie plugging equipment


We are a major manufacturer of quality gasoline and hydraulic portable tools such as:

  • Rail saws, drills and grinders
  • Spike drivers & pullers
  • Tie tampers
  • Impact wrenches
  • Tie drills
  • Weld shears
  • Rail aligners
  • Hydraulic power units

Most of these portable tools are in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours.

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of repair parts for all of our equipment that can ship within 24 hours in most cases.

The most important part of our business is our customers. In everything we do, our commitment to every customer is to:

  • Follow through on our promises
  • Respond expeditiously to your requests and issues
  • Communicate clearly and listening carefully to provide alternatives to problems
  • Manufacture equipment with an emphasis on quality and timely delivery
  • Competitively price our products to give our customer the best possible value

We would like to thank you for the time you have taken to learn more about us. We look forward to working with you by helping in any way we can in making your job as safe, efficient and productive as possible. We would like to welcome you to Racine Railroad Products and our product line.


Press Release from June 14, 2012

Racine Railroad Products, a manufacturer of maintenance-of-way equipment has plans to expand their manufacturing facility to increase capacity as well as improve efficiencies in an effort to meet demand for its products. The company, which designs and builds both automated and hand-operated railroad maintenance machines and tools, now employs 40 people at 1524 Frederick St., Racine, WI. The official move will transition by the end of 2012 to the 19-acre new location at 1955 Norwood Court in Mount Pleasant, WI. This plan will ensure that Racine Railroad Products is able to produce the first pieces of ride-on maintenance equipment in the new facility by the end of January 2013, which still resides in the county of Racine, WI.

Racine Railroad Products has outgrown its current manufacturing facility due to the size and weight of the machines, office space and stock room area. The company purchased the existing 83,600-square-foot building and will also build a 4,300- square-foot addition with two overhead, 25-ton cranes. The larger building will also allow RRP to expand its parts inventory to increase service times for our customers and increase production over the next few years. The total acquisition will cost approximately $5 million dollars which officially took place on June 21, 2012 and construction is already expected to start by July, 2012.

In a news release company President Stephen Birkholz stated, “Racine County has been our home since our establishment in 1970, and we are very pleased to keep our business here.” Executives preferred to stay in Racine County, where many of its suppliers and employees live. The decision to expand here was cemented by state, village and Racine County Workforce Development Board incentives.

Racine Railroad Products is a major manufacturer of several ride-on machines that included: rail anchor machines, clip machines, rail tie straighteners, OTM reclaimers and rail inspection equipment. They also supply quality gasoline and hydraulic portable tools such as: rail saws, drills and grinders, spike drivers and pullers, tie tampers, impact wrenches, tie drills, weld shears, rail aligners and hydraulic power units. They are proud to be able to ship most tools in stock within 24 hours and maintain a comprehensive inventory of repair parts. For more information about Racine Railroad Products, please call (262) 637-9681.