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Trak Kut II (Temp. Unavailable)

Previously available only with higher priced saws, the economical Trak Kut II rail saw is now available with a turn around feature that allows the operator to finish a cut without removing the rail clamp, reducing cost by extending blade life.

Less Operator Fatigue
The rugged Trak Kut II saw rests on a heavy-duty pivot pin, which supports its weight during the cutting operation.
The operator has the freedom to oscillate the powerhead vertically with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Economical, Powerful and Reliable
The Trak Kut II is one of the most economically priced saws on the market today. Powered by the US Motor Power 82042, 2-cycle engine that delivers 7.8 HP, the Trak Kut II is able to cut through 132 lbs rail in less than 90 seconds. With over 30 years of manufacturing, the Trak Kut series has been a staple in the industry, with thousands of units working consistently in the field.

Other Features
Three stage dry air filtration and protective safety guards. Capable of sawing 40-175 lbs rail (including crane rail) with optional attachments.

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  • US Motor Power 134 cc Model 82042 industrial 2-cycle solid-state air-cooled engine
  • Three-stage dry air filtration
  • Protective safety guards for cutting wheel, drive belt and muffler
  • Capable of sawing 40-175 lbs rail (including crane rail) with optional attachments
  • Available options: Steel Storage Box


  • Saw Workhead Weight: 49 lbs
  • Support Arm Weight: 24 lbs