Multi-Purpose Carts

Racine Railroad Products offers three cart models for your hauling needs. From heavy duty rail section delivery to light duty tool transport you are ready to roll.

Multi-Purpose Carts

Maintenance Cart

Heavy Duty
The structural steel design with durable steel decking is perfect for transporting many types of track materials. Cast ductile wheels with heavy-duty axles and bearings for long life. Designed and built for many years of maintenance free service.

Two Models
The capacity cart is perfect for transporting spikes, screws, rail anchors and resilient fasteners. The other capacity cart has been designed for transporting rail sections.

Available Options
Non-insulated Axles, Hand Parking Brake, Stake Pockets, Remote Axle Lubrication

Push Cart

Lightweight and Maneuverable
The Push Cart can be utilized for moving up to 2,750 lbs of track material or maintenance-of-way tools. At only 99 lbs, two people can easily maneuver it. The removable handlebars are interchangeable on both ends for ease in operation. It can easily be maneuvered through points and crossings. Failsafe brakes ensure safety. Optional cage walls available.

Durable and Versatile
Replaceable decking and simple rugged design ensures many years of maintenance free service. Three carts can be connected to increase capacity.


Maintenance Cart
10,000: Length: 7' [84 in.]
             Width: 5' 8" [68.5 in.]
             Height: 1' 8" [20.5 in.]
             Weight: 1350 lbs

30,000: Length:17' [204 in.]
             Width: 6' 4" [76 in.]
             Height: 1' 10" [22 in.]
             Weight: 4000 lbs

Push Cart
Length: 2' 5" [32 in.]
Width: 5' 6" [66.5 in.]
Height: 9.5 in.
Weight: 99 lbs