Regauge Adzer

The Ride-On Regauge Adzer is used for adzing ties on re-gauge projects using a high-speed 1-7/16" mill type cutter.

Specifically designed for Curve Gangs where re-gauging rail is only required.

Precise Cut Positioning
Uses proportional controls for precise placement of the workhead. Workhead traverses side to side or up and down. Equipped with a laser to project the cutting pattern onto the ties for more accurate cuts.

Cuts Either Rail Seat
The workhead has full latitude run to adz either rail seat without having to turn the machine around.

Excellent Visibility
Workhead resides in a large open area for better visibility. Plexiglas barrier prevents wood chips and rock from entering the cab.

At just 5,800 lbs, the machine can easily be moved on/off track by a speed swing, excavator or front end loader.


  • Engine: Hatz 2L41C diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 15 gallon
  • Hydraulic capacity: 25 gallon


  • Length: 13' [157 in.] 
  • Width: 7' 1" [85 in.]
  • Height: 7' 3' [88 in.]
  • Weight: 5,800 lbs