Boxing Feature For In-track Welding Operations

Exclusive with the Racine Anchormatic is Boxing Lock-out or Selective Boxing. This feature gives you the opportunity to lock-out either side of the boxing feature, leaving one anchor a minimum of 2" away from the tie. No more anchors to knock off and then re-apply. A great labor saver.

Easy Set-up and Operation Reliable Service

Using simple adjustments and program logic control technology machine operation is made simple. Proven reliable machine design, provides years of trouble free service.

Large Hopper Holds 800-1,000 Anchors

Hopper design allows for longer work cycle before need to reload. Hopper also pivots upward, bringing the anchors toward the operator, for ease of operation.

Simplify Anchor Loading Process

Hydraulic motor driven winch, located on the boom is operated by a retractable push button hand control, making anchor loading quick and safe.

Anchor Holders

Available for all modern day anchor types.

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