Portable Gas Tools

High Speed Rail Drill Gas

Fast Drilling and Superior Hole Quality

Utility Grinder

One tool. Two attachments. More versality.

Ultra Rail Drill

Easy Handling
Weighing only 99 lbs. (without options), the Ultra Drill can be moved and maneuvered into place with ease..

The Ultra Drill can use either standard HSS flat-bead bits or Cobalt tapered shank twist bits. Vertical hole centers can be determined by using the universal height adjustment or rail specific position blocks.

Drill Through Joint Bars
One of the few rail drills on the market that has enough shaft length to drill through joint bars.

Quick Set-up

Ultra Kut II Premixed Saw 14" & 16"

New Power Head Design
The Ultra Kut II utilizes the new Husqvarna 3122K power head, which is specially designed for heavy-duty use. New features include:

Trak Kut II

Turn Around Feature
Previously available only with higher priced saws, the economical Trak Kut II rail saw is now available with a turn around feature that allows the operator to finish a cut without removing the rail clamp, reducing cost by extending blade life.

Less Operator Fatigue
The rugged Trak Kut II saw rests on a heavy-duty pivot pin, which supports its weight during the cutting operation.
The operator has the freedom to oscillate the powerhead vertically with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Tie Drill

Powerful and Lightweight
Equipped with a 2-cycle, 21.2 cc engine, the drill delivers plenty of drilling power. Weighing only 13 lbs, the lightweight design help to reduce operator fatigue. The reverse power setting allows for easy bit removal. 1/2" capacity drill chuck included.

Ergonomically Designed
Well balanced for easy operation. The rollbars not only protect the engine and components from damage, but also double as easy handholds for operator flexibility and comfort.

Protection From Damage

High Speed Rail Drill Electric

Fast Drilling and Superior Hole Quality
The Racine High Speed Electric Rail Drill with the Racine Cutter can drill 25-50 holes in 132 lb standard carbon rail. The integral arbor support guarantees hole tolerance. Superior clamp design and custom rail shoes reduce the risk of drill movement during operation causing cutter breakage. Can easily drill through raised rail web lettering without breakage, a common problem with the competition.

Powerful and LIghweight

1" Impact Wrench Gas

The 1" square drive Gas Impact Wrench is well balanced for either horizontal or vertical use. The roll bar doubles as handholds with vibration dampening rubber grips. The large front handle easily accommodates gloved hands.

Unique Design
The Impact Wrench engine incorporates a unique design for maximum performance as opposed to the competition's chain saw engine.

Can be used to drill lag screw holes for tie plate applications with optional auger adapter.


Rail Profile Grinder Gas

Powerful & Versatile

Equipped with the U.S. Motor Power 134cc 2-cycle engine for easy grinding of all standard railhead profiles.The 2-cycle engine design allows for 180-degree range of motion in grinding the railhead surface without engine shut down.