Portable Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Tie Drill

Fast and Efficient
The Hydraulic Tie Drill Features a telescopic drill bit guard with a built in depth stop, which leads to drilling holes quickly and efficiently.

Operator Safety
Ergonomically designed to drill holes from a standing position in order to reduce back pain. The drill also features a trigger lock and hydarulic hoses that do not come in contact with the operator's hands for added safety.

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Loading Arm

Powerful and Lightweight
The Loading Arm is used to check the spacing between the ball of the two rails. It is also used to pull the rail back to the proper specifications, holding the rail while the tie plate can be refastened to the tie.
Accurate Calibration
A geometric rail car asserts approximately 4,000 lbs of pressure to the rail. Proper pressure to use on the Loading Arm is 800 lbs.
The measurements of the rail are as follows:
Class 1 57 7/8"

910088 - Impact Wrench 1"

Powerful and Efficient
The 910088 Hydraulic 1" Impact Wrench utilizes an efficient hydraulic motor and heavy-duty dual impact mechanism to produce 2,800 Ft-Lbs of torque.
Operator Comfort
Cushion grips maintain low torque and low vibration transfer toward the operator. Heat transfer is lessened with remote handholds. Offers a unique front swing handle for vertical or horizontal operation.
Easy Serviceability

Diesel Power Unit

Designed specifically for the railroad industry, the diesel power unit is a heavy-duty hydraulic power unit that offers 5-10 GPM circuits, 2 separate circuits and offered skid mounted or with wheels.

Heavy Duty
The diesel power unit is equipped with a 18.8 HP Kohler electric start, direct inject diesel engine that offers 2 - 5 GPM circuits or 1 - 10 GPM circuit at 2000 psi. Engine consumes less fuel and has a high cumbustion rate that produces additional power.

Cup Stone Grinder

Operator Comfort & Safety
Designed for excellent operator control. Adjustable guard shields operator from sparks.Overspeed valve protects motor and stone from excessive RPM. Assist handle provides good control and leverage.

Lightweight & Powerful
Weighing 10 lbs (less stone), the powerful 10 GPM motor@ 2000 PSI delivers plenty of grinding power for mostgrinding applications.

Rail Weld Shear

Easy operation
The Hydraulic Rail Weld-Shear utilizes a controlled shear speed with a rapid retract feature to properly shear rail welds utilizing a single lever control for ease of operation.

The unit is secured on the rail at four points with roller hold-downs for proper alignment and can operate at either 5 GPM or 10 GPM @ 2000 PSI.

One of the lightest in the market place, it can easily be maneuvered to fit inside the RRP Rail Puller.

Trak Jack

One of the lightest in the market

10 Ton Lifting Capacity

One piece forged base for strength and stability

Pump Handle Included

Dial Knob to release

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Trak Pak II (Power Unit)

Trak Pak II (Power Unit)

Designed specifically for the railroad industry, the Racine Trak-Pak II is a heavy-duty hydraulic power unit that offers 5-10 GPM circuit.

Heavy Duty
The Trak-Pak II is equipped with a 22 HP Honda GX-690 electric start four cycle engine that offers 22% more horse power than other power units on the market. It offers a large 9-gallon hydraulic reservoir and heavy duty oil cooler with thermostatic electric fan to maintain a low

Tie Tamper HTT2

Lightweight and Easy To Operate
Lightweight design and reciprocating action helps the tool pull itself out of the ballast to reduce potential back strain for the operator for a more comfortable and productive workday.

Efficiently compacts ballast quickly at 1500 blows per minute.

Ergonomic Anti-Vibration Technology
The Hydraulic Tie Tamper utilizes innovative bi-directional anti-vibration handles to minimize bone jarring vibration during removal from the ballast.

Web Grinder

Ergonomically designed for operator comfort and less back strain. Efficiently grinds away excess on rail welds or use to prepare rail for electric welds. Adjustable handle for operator comfort. Bearing rollers on rail guide for smooth operation.

Designed for Safety
Hoses are away from work area.Trigger guard protects against unplanned use.

Accommodates 1"x 8" or 2" x 8" grindstones. Shaft lock option allows for easy stone removal.