Dual Anchor Spreader

The Racine Dual Anchor Spreader will spread all types of rail anchors when utilized in a wood tie replacement gang. Rail anchors do not have to be removed and reapplied during this operation when the Spreader is used in conjunction with the Racine Dual Anchor Adjuster. The result is increased productivity and longer rail anchor life.

Selective Automatic Or Manual Operation For Any Conditions
Automatically spread two anchors on one rail, or four anchors on two rails to pre-determined width via adjustable stops. Manually spread one anchor on one rail or two anchors on two rails for skewed tie conditions.

Quality Parts For Greater Overall Economy
Fewer wear surfaces, plus heat treated push tools lead to longer life and lower maintenance costs. Many components are interchangeable with the Dual Anchor Adjuster.

Multiple Rail Size Accommodation
Easy access to optional wide push tools insures quick changeout for either 5", 5 1/2", or 6" rails. In addition, simple adjustments align the work head to accommodate rail height.

Increased Operator Safety And Productivity
Excellent visibility insures positive alignment and repositioning of anchors, allowing a single operator to spread all anchors under field conditions. Operator safety is enhanced through the use of electric powered controls that reduce operator fatigue. Side egress optimizes safe operator exit in congested areas.Workhead barriers cover exposed areas.

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