Dual Clip Applicator

Versatile and Quick Set-up
Designed with field changeover in mind, the field technician can quickly change from 5 1/2" base rail to 6" base rail operation by replacing the apply tools. Changing from wood tie to concrete tie operation is accomplished by simply replacing the inner and outer pivot plates.

Productive and Flexible Operation
Although the machine is designed with 2 workheads, they do operate independently for either 2- or 4-clip application. All controls are within easy reach.

Designed For Operator Safety
Side egress provides operator with safe exit from either side of the machine when working in congested area. Removable workhead barriers provide good visibility and easy access for workhead repairs, and also prevent the operator from accidentally stepping into work area—an extra margin of safety.

Quality Parts For Greater Economy
Racine offers high quality parts for long wear and durability. Heat-treated, high-grade steel push tools provide dependability and lower maintenance costs. Many machine components compatible with other Racine equipment.

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