OTM Reclaimer

High Production Magnetic Conveyors
This self propelled, single operator machine uses magnetic conveyors to transfer spikes, clips and anchors from track surface to an onboard hopper.The hydraulically driven conveyors are comprised of two belts on the gauge side and two belts on the field side. The conveyors have independent lift capability to clear track structures such as switch frogs and crossings.

No Jamming, Clogging or Excess Material Build-Up
Common problems in the competitor’s machine have been resolved by our non-direct contact between the material and the conveyor.

High Capacity Hopper
The 71.5 cubic foot capacity hopper can discharge from either side of the machine.Hydraulic dumping capability and hydraulically controlled doors are standard for operator ease and safety.

Spacious Cab Design
Offers an excellent 360-degree view at operator eye level with windows and windshield wipers in each travel direction. Seat belt equipped operators seat with optional jump seat available.

Emergency stop button on each side of the machine and end of frame shutdown bump bars.

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