Ultra Rail Drill

Easy Handling
Weighing only 99 lbs. (without options), the Ultra Drill can be moved and maneuvered into place with ease..

The Ultra Drill can use either standard HSS flat-bead bits or Cobalt tapered shank twist bits. Vertical hole centers can be determined by using the universal height adjustment or rail specific position blocks.

Drill Through Joint Bars
One of the few rail drills on the market that has enough shaft length to drill through joint bars.

Quick Set-up
The Ultra Drill is capable of drilling anywhere from 80 lbs. to 175 lbs. rail (including crane rail) with optional attachments. The cam-locking clamp arm allows for quick and easy attachment to the rail.

Automatic Feed
The Ultra Drill utilizes a continuous automatic feed, which ensures a smooth drilling action that produces a consistent hole through any rail and long bit life. The drill also has a high-ratio hand crank feed for quick retract and set-up.

Triangulated roll bar protects the engine and provides grab handles for easy safe lifting.

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