Ride-On Equipment

Rail Gang Tie Plugger

The Racine Ride-on Tie Plugger is an innovative machine that allows one operator to fill two spike holes simultaneously once the rail and tie plate are removed from the comfort of an enclosed cab. The machine is designed with full view of the workhead that travels independently of the entire machines movement. The workhead consists of two disposable mixing guns supported overhead by an independent hydraulically driven system.

Portable Anchor Adjuster

Destress operations require the removal of rail anchors so that the rail can be pulled to the correct tension. Currently all the anchors for approximately 300 feet are removed to pull the rail, then are re-installed as close to the tie as the track laborer can place and hammer them on.

Racine Tie Straightener

Racine Tie Straightener

The Racine Tie Straightener is an innovative machine that allows one operator to straighten skewed ties. The Racine Tie Straightener is designed to work out of face to straighten concrete ties in full crib. The machine is equipped with reference lasers for ease of the operator to distinguish which ties need to be straightened. The operator then uses joystick controls to activate the cribbing tools to displace any ballast and allow the tie to move laterally. The operator will then use the joystick to control the straightening tools, squaring up the tie.

Ultra Clipper

Interchangeable Workheads
The Ultra Clipper can be used with a variety of workheads (sold separately) to accommodate many types of resilient fasteners. Change out can easily be done in the field.

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One Machine Does Two Jobs

Only DualWorkhead Production/Maintenance machine with
the capability of applying and retracting the Pandrol® Safelok I®,
Safelok III®, Shur-Lok® and Air Boss® type clips.


Simultaneously applies 2 or 4 clips
or retracts with a single operator.

Precision Control

Unique retraction tool feature uses a scissors type squeeze
mechanism to release the clip from the socket, retract the clip and

Regauge Adzer

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OTM Reclaimer

High Production Magnetic Conveyors
This self propelled, single operator machine uses magnetic conveyors to transfer spikes, clips and anchors from track surface to an onboard hopper.The hydraulically driven conveyors are comprised of two belts on the gauge side and two belts on the field side. The conveyors have independent lift capability to clear track structures such as switch frogs and crossings.

No Jamming, Clogging or Excess Material Build-Up

Multi-Purpose Carts

Racine Railroad Products offers three cart models for your hauling needs. From heavy duty rail section delivery to light duty tool transport you are ready to roll.


One Machine Does Two Jobs
Only DualWorkhead Production/Maintenance machine with the capability of applying or retracting the Pandrol® Fast Clip.

Simultaneously Applies/Retracts 2 or 4 clips using a single operator.

3 Retract Positions
The three position retraction feature allows the operator to position the clip for a specific need:
Position 1 rail change out or rail de-stressing
Position 2 rail insulator replacement
Position 3 clip or toe insulator replacement