Racine Tie Straightener

The Racine Tie Straightener is an innovative machine that allows one operator to straighten skewed ties. The Racine Tie Straightener is designed to work out of face to straighten concrete ties in full crib. The machine is equipped with reference lasers for ease of the operator to distinguish which ties need to be straightened. The operator then uses joystick controls to activate the cribbing tools to displace any ballast and allow the tie to move laterally. The operator will then use the joystick to control the straightening tools, squaring up the tie.

This machine is fully cab enclosed with climatic a/c and heat controls for operator comfort, and utilizes a John Deere 4045 liquid cooled diesel engine. The machine can track travel up to 30 miles per hour, and is equipped with a center turntable to turn the machine around.

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