Rail Gang Tie Plugger

The Racine Ride-on Tie Plugger is an innovative machine that allows one operator to fill two spike holes simultaneously once the rail and tie plate are removed from the comfort of an enclosed cab. The machine is designed with full view of the workhead that travels independently of the entire machines movement. The workhead consists of two disposable mixing guns supported overhead by an independent hydraulically driven system.

The machine is operated with joystick controls that are used to adjust the workhead travel and shoot the tie plugging compound while easily and quickly adjust the workhead configuration to different spike hole patterns.

The machine is equipped to run at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit and save money by using less product than the competition. The machine can be designed to work with any suppliers of tie plugging compounds.

Rail Gang Tie Plugger from demo on 6/28/2014

Rail Gang Tie Plugger "View from Cab" on 6/28/2014

Rail Gang Tie Plugger "Tie Brush" on 6/28/2014

Rail Gang Tie Plugger "Tie Brushes 2" on 6/28/2014