Application Machines

See Large Ride-on Equipment for the newest machine to Racine Railroad Products' machine model line: Cab enclosed Rail Gang Tie Plugger.

The Walk-Behind Chemical Tie Plugger is designed to distribute Chemical Tie Plug Material. Racine has its own rental fleet of machines available year round. Contact us for machine availability.

Latest Metering Technology
Easier maintenance and dependability, the machine is supplied with the latest in metering technology. The Dual BV RMP chemical metering system with meter, mix & dispensing system uses two positive displacement rod metering pumps powered by air cylinders to dispense the material held in two (2) 65 gal capacity tanks.

Operator Station Versatility
Operators can choose either the walk-behind mode or utilize the deployable operator seats with back support, allowing them to work in a seated position on either rail. Operator hand trigger indexing controls are located on each applicator wand. Machine has dual articulating wands for the two operators working simultaneously.

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