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Hunter’s Fabrication

RRP had a working relationship with Hunter’s Fabrication for years prior to acquiring the company in 2020; Hunter’s Fabrication was the primary supplier for RRP large equipment frames. With this acquisition, RRP became more vertically integrated in our manufacturing processes. The continued partnership with Hunters Fabrication has led to several product improvements, reduced manufacturing time, and further standardization of the product line to support the manufacturing process, and customer’s ability to manage their fleet of RRP equipment.

Racine Railroad Products UK

In 2023, we expanded our business to Chesterfield, Derbyshire in the UK, opening a sales and distribution office. The driving force of this expansion is that RRP can now provide products and services in an area where rail work processes include manual labor more frequently than their North American counterparts. By bringing out product line to Europe, rail workers in the UK will see significant improvements in productivity, safety, and technology.