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Dual Anchor Adjuster Cribber

The Racine Dual Anchor Adjuster/Cribber is designed to squeeze anchors in full crib on one or both rails simultaneously. It can also be outfitted to straighten skewed concrete ties (with optional tools).

Dual Anchor Adjuster Cribber


  • Out of Face anchor adjusting and anchor replacement projects
  • Tie gang anchor squeezing after tie replacement
  • Rail relay and tie pad changing projects on concrete ties

No need for multiple machines. This self propelled, single operator machine uses cribbing tools to remove ballast from beneath each anchor to allow for anchor adjusting. With optional tooling, the machine can crib ballast and straighten skewed concrete ties.

Great Labor Saver
Only one operator is needed for both cribbing and adjusting, reducing man-hours safely.

Multiple Uses
Can be used as an independent anchor adjuster, cribber or tie straightener. Lessens the need for multiple machines in your equipment fleet.

Adjusts ties in “Adjust Only” and “Cribbing / Adjust” mode. Track travel up to 25 mph.


  • A variety of engine packages are available
  • Structural steel frame with derail skids, key hole tie downs, rubber bumpers
  • Cast ductile iron wheels for long wear, self aligning roller bearings and axle locks for safe operation
  • Propulsion is chain driven using axle mounted split sprockets with a travel speed of 25 mph
  • 24 volt system with circuit breakers for lights and accessories
  • 37 gallon hydraulic reservoir with clean out covers, guarded fluid level and temperature gauge
  • 30 gallon fuel tank with 2" diameter fill neck, bottom sump and mechanical fluid level gauge


Enclosed cab

  • Length: 24' 5" [294 in.] 
  • Width: 8' 5" [102 in.]  
  • Height: 10' [120 in.]
  • Weight: 20,500 lbs