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Advanced Tie Plate Inserter

One Operator. This self-propelled machine increases productivity, efficiency and safety while helping reduce labor costs.

Tie plates can be maneuvered fore and aft, left and right and up and down. Hard stops ensure proper placement of plates before the rail is lowered.
Each rail jack and workhead is independently controlled with a multi-function joystick. Workhead lighting is standard for night and tunnel projects.

Spacious Cab Design
Excellent 360-degree view at operator eye level. Cab forward design for easy view of the work area with minimal head turning.
Operator's seat is adjustable and belt equipped. All controls are ergonomically situated and within easy reach.

Innovative Technology for Easy Maintenance

  • Advance load-sense pump controls allow for NON-DEF engine power (no DPF regen cycles), saving costs and more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy touchscreen controls with workhead adjustments from the operator seat, saving time and offering a safer way to make machine adjustments.
  • Onboard electrical system diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting and lessen downtime.
  • Remote program updates and remote troubleshooting with built-in telematics allow our technicians to help troubleshoot and lessen downtime (within cell range).
  • Smart hydraulic valves with self-diagnostics and maintenance screens increase flexibility, reliability, and reduces parts inventory by using the same control valve for every function.


  • A variety of engine packages are available
  • Structural steel frame with derail skids and key hole tie downs
  • Split roller chain sprockets
  • 24 VDC system voltage
  • Multiple cab sizes available - one operator up to 4 passengers


  • Length: 22' 3" [267 in.]
  • Width: 8' 6" [102 in.]
  • Height: 10' [120 in.]
  • Weight: 22,500 lbs