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Portable Gas Tools

1" Impact Wrench Gas (910071)

1" Impact Wrench - Gas (910071)

The 1” square drive Gas Impact Wrench is well balanced for either horizontal or vertical use. The roll bar doubles as handholds with vibration dampening rubber grips. Large front handle easily accommodates gloved hands.

High Speed Rail Drill - Electric (910069)

High Speed Rail Drill - Electric (910069)

The Racine High Speed Electric Rail Drill can drill up to 30 holes in 132 lbs standard carbon rail. Each hole takes less than 20 seconds to drill. The integral arbor support guarantees hole tolerance. Superior clamp design and custom rail shoes reduce the risk of drill movement during operation which can cause cutter breakage. Easily drill through raised rail web lettering without breakage, a...

Rail Profile Grinder - Gas (910170)

Rail Profile Grinder - Gas (910170)

Equipped with the US Motor Power 134 cc 2-cycle engine for easy grinding of all standard railhead profiles.The 2-cycle engine design allows for 180-degree range of motion in grinding the railhead surface without engine shut down.

Tie Drill (910168)

Tie Drill (910200)

Equipped with a 2-cycle, 21.2 cc engine, the drill delivers plenty of drilling power. Weighing only 13 lbs, the lightweight design help to reduce operator fatigue. The reverse power setting allows for easy bit removal. 1/2" capacity drill chuck included.

Trak Kut II (910084)

Trak Kut II (Temp. Unavailable)

Previously available only with higher priced saws, the economical Trak Kut II rail saw is now available with a turn around feature that allows the operator to finish a cut without removing the rail clamp, reducing cost by extending blade life.

TraxMaxx Rail Drill - Gas (910195)

TraxMaxx Gas Rail Drill (910195)

The TraxMaxx compact design allows the operator greater flexibility in tighter work areas. Single pull handle also incorporates the engine throttle to control the spindle speed. No tools necessary to change cutters or rail shoes.

Ultra Kut II Premixed Saw 14" & 16" (910080)

Ultra Kut II Premixed Saw 14" & 16" [Discontinued]

Note: The Ultra Kut II Premix Saw has been discontinued. Look for the new Ultra Kut III coming soon.

More available power than competitive models. Cutting times are reduced to less than one minute on standard 132 lbs rail. One of the lightest saws on the market, weighing only 56 lbs, including the clamp and arm assembly.

Ultra Kut III Saw

Ultra Kut III Saw (910196)

New Power Head Design! The Ultra Kut III utilizes the new Husqvarna K1270R power head, which is specially designed for heavy-duty use.