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Racine Railroad Products

Racine Railroad Products, Inc. (RRP) is a family owned and operated Maintenance of Way (MOW) engineering and manufacturing company. At RRP, we have a customer-focused drive and tailor our products to the needs of our customers.

Since we are a smaller MOW company, we have the capability to quickly develop, manufacture, test, and distribute our products to our customers. Once our products are delivered, you can feel confident knowing that we will be there to support the product for its life cycle.

Where We Came From

Racine Railroad Products was originally part of the railroad division of Racine Hydraulics and Machine Company. In 1970, after the merger with Rex Chainbelt Company (currently known as Regal Rexnord Corporation), Racine Hydraulics and Machine Company decided to end the railroad division. George W. Christiansen Sr. and a small group of investors believed that there was an opportunity to further develop the application of hydraulics to railroad maintenance of way equipment and purchased the railroad division from Racine Hydraulics and Machine Company.

Racine Railroad Products was originally located at 1524 Frederick Street in Racine, WI and operated from that location until 2012. With the physical size of our product line growing to support the changing work processes of our customers, purchased the current location at 1955 Norwood Court, Mt Pleasant, WI in 2012. This location sits on more than 19 acres, provides access to a railroad spur that has been modified to accommodate a state-of-the-art test track for our equipment, and provides nearly 100,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space and multiple buildings for additional storage.

RRP Accomplishments

  • Pioneered the first abrasive rail saw in North America.
  • First to design and build an Advanced Tie Plate Inserter (ATPI) that can lift two rails to insert tie plates simultaneously with one operator.
  • First to design and build a Dual Clip Applicator/Retractor (DCA) that can apply and remove resilient rail clips (Pandrol e-Clips®, Fastclips, and Safelok Clips®) without a workhead change out.
  • Designed and built cab enclosed anchor applicator machines such as the Advanced Anchormatic (AAM) and the AM3 Anchor Applicator (AM3).

Looking Towards the Future

At Racine Railroad Products, we have developed into an engineering driven organization, working directly with our customers to improve their work processes. We will continue to invest in our product development teams, prioritize safety, and customer needs to continue to bring value and advanced technologies to the industry.