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On-Track Equipment

AAM Anchormatic

AAM Anchormatic

The AAM Anchormatic is an HVAC cab equipped, anchor applicator designed to apply rail anchors with one operator on one rail. It is one of the most economically priced anchor applicator machines that offers excellent operator visibility of the work zone, with the ability to see upcoming ties that need to be worked. It also offers excellent visibility fore and aft for track travel .

Advanced Tie Plate Inserter

One Operator. This self-propelled machine increases productivity, efficiency and safety while helping reduce labor costs.

AM-3 Anchor Applicator

AM3 Anchor Applicator

The AM3 Anchor Applicator is an HVAC cab equipped anchor applicator designed to apply rail anchors with 1 operator on 1 rail.

Anchor Remover

Anchor Remover

Versatile and Reliable. The only anchor remover machine capable of consistently removing all types of anchors and windrowing to the gauge side of the track without changes to the adjustment, once set for a particular size rail.

DASP - Dual Anchor Adjuster/Spreader

The Racine DASP Dual Anchor Adjuster / Spreader is a fully enclosed cab machine platform able to work both rails simultaneously or independently. With only tooling changes and swap of the module control screen, the machine can squeeze anchors or spread anchors (tie out or tie in with plate).

Dual Anchor Adjuster

The multiple use Racine Dual Anchor Adjuster will squeeze all types of rail anchors when used in a wood tie replacement gang; or to re-tighten rail anchors in a surfacing gang operation; or during rail replacement in a quality control application. Rail anchors do not have to be removed and reapplied during wood tie replacement operations allowing for increased productivity and longer rail...

Dual Anchor Adjuster Cribber

Dual Anchor Adjuster Cribber

The Racine Dual Anchor Adjuster/Cribber is designed to squeeze anchors in full crib on one or both rails simultaneously. It can also be outfitted to straighten skewed concrete ties (with optional tools).

Dual Anchor Spreader

The Racine Dual Anchor Spreader will spread all types of rail anchors when used in a wood tie replacement gang. Rail anchors do not have to be removed and reapplied during this operation when the Spreader is used in conjunction with the Racine Dual Anchor Adjuster. The result is increased productivity and longer rail anchor life. Can spread anchors in either tie-in or tie-out gang.

Dual Clip Applicator

Dual e-Clip Applicator/Remover

The Racine Dual e-Clip Applicator/Remover is a dual workhead machine designed to apply either (4) pre-set clips (both rails) or (2) pre-set clips (either rail), or remove e-Clips (one or two rails) with one operator in a fully enclosed HVAC equipped cab.

Information on the different RRP DCA Apply Tools and Removal tool, click here.


One Machine Does Two Jobs. The only Dual Workhead Production / Maintenance machine with the capability of applying or retracting the Pandrol® Fast Clip.