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AM3 Anchor Applicator

The AM3 Anchor Applicator is an HVAC cab equipped anchor applicator designed to apply rail anchors with 1 operator on 1 rail.

Excellent Visibility 
The machine offers excellent operator visibility of the work zone, with the ability to see upcoming ties that need to be worked without overshooting them, increasing productivity, and reducing wear on the machine travel components. The machine also has excellent visibility fore and aft when track traveling.

Easy Set-up and Operation—Reliable Service 
Using simple adjustments and MD4 control technology ensures easy machine operation. Adjustments for various rail sizes can be made right from the cab with no “wrench in hand” adjustments. Tooling available for most modern day anchor types.

Faster Cycle Times 
Programmable MD4 controlled automation has significantly faster cycle times than previous Racine machines, possibly eliminating one machine from the gang and adding value to the railroad by reducing labor and maintenance costs.

Independent Work Arms  
Able to apply a single anchor left or right of the tie if a single anchor is missing.

Innovative Technology for Easy Maintenance

  • Advance load-sense pump controls allow for NON-DEF engine power (no DPF regen cycles), saving costs and more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy touchscreen controls with workhead adjustments from the operator seat, saving time and offering a safer way to make machine adjustments.
  • Onboard electrical system diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting and lessen downtime.
  • Remote program updates and remote troubleshooting with built-in telematics allow our technicians to help troubleshoot and lessen downtime (within cell range).
  • Smart hydraulic valves with self-diagnostics and maintenance screens increase flexibility, reliability, and reduces parts inventory by using the same control valve for every function.

Other Features

  • Enclosed cab with HVAC system, in cab pressurizer for safer work environment
  • Bristle/strip door hopper access keeps conditioned air in and heat and dust out
  • Hopper at 3000 anchor (heaped) which is twice the capacity than older Racine models
  • Parker MD4 controls have faster/smoother cycles for higher production and less wear
  • Crash protection for setter arms that stops cycle if encounters tie for added protection
  • Equipped with a center “H” Frame turntable that sets on the rails to turn the machine around
  • Excellent accessibility to workhead components to perform routine maintenance
  • Separate engine / machine control boxes
  • Selective work / travel modes


  • Dimensions: 22’ L x 8’W x 9’ 9”H, 16,000 lbs.
  • Travel Speed: 24 MPH
  • Cab: Enclosed Heat & A/C, full ergonomic seat, tinted safety glass
  • Engine: 74 HP Cummings 2.8L Tier IV liquid cooled engine requiring no DEF or Regen needed
  • Fuel Cap. 54 Gallons
  • HYD Reservoir 34 Gallons