One Machine Does Two Jobs. The only Dual Workhead Production/Maintenance machine with the capability of applying or retracting the Pandrol® Fast Clip.

Simultaneously Applies/Retracts 2 or 4 clips using a single operator.

3 Retract Positions
The three position retraction feature allows the operator to position the clip for a specific need:

  • Position 1 Rail change out or rail de-stressing
  • Position 2 Rail insulator replacement
  • Position 3 Clip or toe insulator replacement

Inter-changeable Workhead
Change out the Fast Clip® workhead with the Safelok® workhead for added cost effective production capabilities.


  • A variety of engine packages are available.
  • Structural steel frame with derail skids, key hole tie downs, rubber bumpers.
  • Insulated axles with self aligning, double row spherical roller bearings and axle locks.
  • Propulsion is chain driven using axle mounted split sprockets with a travel speed of 36 mph.
  • 12 VDC negative ground with a 60 amp system fuse. Circuit breakers for lights and accessories.
  • 30 gallon hydraulic reservoir with clean out covers, guarded fluid level and temperature gauge.
  • 18 gallon fuel tank with 2" diameter fill neck, bottom sump and mechanical fluid level gauge.


  • Length: 15' 6" [186 in.]
  • Width: 7' 1" [85 in.]
  • Height: 8' 6" [102 in.]
  • Weight: 10,000 lbs