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DASP - Dual Anchor Adjuster/Spreader

The Racine DASP Dual Anchor Adjuster / Spreader is a fully enclosed cab machine platform able to work both rails  simultaneously or independently. With only tooling changes and swap of the module control screen, the machine can squeeze anchors or spread anchors (tie out or tie in with plate).

Excellent Visibility
The machine offers excellent operator visibility of the work zone, with the ability to see upcoming ties that need to be worked without overshooting them, increasing productivity and reducing wear on the machine travel components. The machine also has excellent un-obstructed operator visibility fore and aft when track traveling.

Faster Cycle Times
Programmable MD4 controlled automation has significantly faster cycle times than previous Racine machines, possibly eliminating one machine from the tie gang and adding value to the railroad by reducing labor and maintenance costs.

The machine utilizes two joysticks to control each workhead independently. The MD4 control system can easily be changed from one workhead set up to another. It also can be utilized to help troubleshoot machine maintenance issues.

Innovative Technology for Easy Maintenance

  • Advance load-sense pump controls allow for NON-DEF engine power (no DPF regen cycles), saving costs and more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy touchscreen controls with workhead adjustments from the operator seat, saving time and offering a safer way to make machine adjustments.
  • Onboard electrical system diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting and lessen downtime.
  • Remote program updates and remote troubleshooting with built-in telematics allow our technicians to help troubleshoot and lessen downtime (within cell range).
  • Smart hydraulic valves with self-diagnostics and maintenance screens increase flexibility, reliability, and reduces parts inventory by using the same control valve for every function.

Specifications & Features

  • Travel Speed: 25 mph
  • Cab: Enclosed heat and a/c, full ergonomic seat with joystick controls
  • Seating Cap: Three occupants (one operator, two passengers)
  • Fully enclosed cab with climatic a/c and heat controls for operator comfort
  • Equipped with a center “H” Frame turntable that sets on the rails to turn the machine around
  • Excellent accessibility to workhead components to perform routine maintenance
  • We also offer a variety of engine packages to choose from


  • Length: 22' 9" [273 in.]
  • Width: 8' 6" [102 in.]
  • Height: 10' 8" [128 in.]
  • Weight: 24,000 lbs