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Safelok® Applicator and Remover

One Machine Does Two Jobs. The only Dual Workhead Production / Maintenance machine with the capability of applying and retracting the Pandrol® Safelok I®, Safelok III®, Shur-Lok® and Air Boss® type clips.

A single operator can simultaneously apply or retract 2 clips on one rail for rail changeout (either side), or 4 clips on both rails for tie replacement or concrete tie maintenance

Precision Control
Unique retraction tool feature uses a scissors type squeeze mechanism to release the clip from the socket, retract the clip and precisely position the clip at the end of the socket in preparation for re-installation.
This exclusive feature prevents clips from being lost and reduces the risk of injury from flying clips.

Innovative Technology for Easy Maintenance

  • Advance load-sense pump controls allow for NON-DEF engine power (no DPF regen cycles), saving costs and more environmentally friendly.
  • Easy touchscreen controls with workhead adjustments from the operator seat, saving time and offering a safer way to make machine adjustments.
  • Onboard electrical system diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting and lessen downtime.
  • Remote program updates and remote troubleshooting with built-in telematics allow our technicians to help troubleshoot and lessen downtime (within cell range).
  • Smart hydraulic valves with self-diagnostics and maintenance screens increase flexibility, reliability, and reduces parts inventory by using the same control valve for every function.

Why the SAR? 

  • Fully enclosed cab with climatic A/C and heat controls for operator comfort
  • Equipped with a center “H” Frame turntable that sets on the rails to turn the machine around.
  • Excellent accessibility to workhead components to perform routine maintenance.
  • Variety of engine packages to choose from
  • Has excellent operator visibility of the work zone, with the ability to see upcoming ties that need to be worked without overshooting them.
  • Un-obstructed operator visibility fore and aft when track traveling.
  • Programmable Logic Controlled automation has significantly faster cycle times than previous Racine machines. 


  • Structural steel frame with derail skids, key hole tie downs, rubber bumpers
  • Insulated axles with self aligning, double row spherical roller bearings and axle locks
  • Propulsion is chain driven using axle mounted split sprockets with a travel speed of 25 mph
  • 24 volt system with circuit breakers for lights and accessories
  • 49 gallon hydraulic reservoir with clean out covers, guarded fluid level and temperature gauges
  • 58 gallon fuel tank with 2" diameter fill neck, bottom sump and mechanical fluid level gaug


  • Length: 25' 9"  
  • Width: 8' 6"  
  • Height: 10' 3"
  • Weight: 22,800 lbs