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On-Track Equipment

Racine Tie Straightener

Rail Tie Straightener

The Racine Rail Tie Straightener is an innovative machine that allows one operator to straighten skewed ties. The Rail Tie Straightener is designed to work out of face to straighten concrete ties in full crib. The machine is equipped with reference lasers for ease of the operator to distinguish which ties need to be straightened. Joysticks are used to control and activate the cribbing tools to...


One Machine Does Two Jobs. The only Dual Workhead Production / Maintenance machine with the capability of applying and retracting the Pandrol® Safelok I®, Safelok III®, Shur-Lok® and Air Boss® type clips.

Ultra Clipper

Ultra Clipper

One Machine for Two Jobs. Simultaneously applies/retracts 2 clips on one rail. Workhead arms push the preset clip into socket using steady pressure. Clips will not lose holding power due to stressful hammer blows.