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1" Impact Wrench Gas (910500)

The 4-cycle 1" Gas Impact Wrench is a portable, Honda-powered-quality tool with unique features that make this the perfect solution for all your impacting needs. No need to mix fuel/oil with the 4-cycle engine.

Easy to Use
A simple trigger throttle with forward and reverse.

Maximum 1470 ft-lb of torque, more than enough for most jobs.

Light Weight
At only 40 lbs (no socket), this impact will reduce operator fatique.

The roll bar acts as a handhold to be used in a variety of orientations.

Rugged Design
Specifically designed for railroad applications / environments.

Water Resistant
No issues operating in heavy rain.

Tie Drill
Can be used with RRP's 1" Square to 5/8 Hex quick-connect adapter for auger bits.


  • 1" Square Drive
  • Honda GX50 Engine
  • 4-stroke, air cooled engine
  • 1740 ft-lb max torque


  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • 26" L x 16" H x 11" W