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Ultra Kut III Saw (910196)

New Power Head Design!
The Ultra Kut III utilizes the new Husqvarna K1270R power head, which is specially designed for heavy-duty use.

Ultra Kut III Saw

New Features Include:

  • Longer Rail Clamp Arms allows increased range of       
  • Aluminum wheel guard repels slag, lessening buildup   
  • Heavy-duty filtration system for more cuts with less     
  • Air injection with centrifugal cleaning system allowing   cooler, cleaner air to enter the air chamber
  • More available power than competitive models
  • One of the lightest saws on the market, weighing only      

Exclusive Cutting Options

Our lightweight clamp and arm assembly allow for either top or side cutting method. Not available with competitive models.
Unique turn around feature that allows the operator to turn the saw and cut from the other side of the rail without removing the clamp and arm assembly.
Contact Racine Railroad Products, Inc. for details concerning Rail Cutting applications. Dependable Racine Railroad 
customer service provides immediate parts shipments, in most cases within 24 hours.


  • Husqvarna K1270R, 2-cycle
    • Includes decompression valve for ease in starting and electronic governed over-speed protection
  • Engine Displacement: 119 cc
  • Capable of sawing 60-175 lbs rail (including crane rail) with optional attachments


  • Weight (Power Head): 42 lbs / 19.05 kg (56 lbs / 25.6 kg including the clamp and arm assembly)