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Trak-Pak II - Power Unit (910146)

Designed specifically for the railroad industry, the Racine Trak-Pak II is a heavy-duty hydraulic power unit that offers 5 or 10 GPM flow.

Trak Pak II - Power Unit (910146)

Heavy Duty
The Trak-Pak II is equipped with a 22 hp Honda GX-690 electric start four cycle engine that offers 22% more horse power than other power units on the market. It offers a large 9-gallon hydraulic reservoir and heavy duty oil cooler with thermostatic electric fan to maintain a low hydraulic oil temperature, which will increase tool performance and extend the life of your tools. A heavy gauge steel frame, roll cage and lifting bale are standard for protection of components and easy maneuvering. The large muffler offers excellent sound suppression for a quieter and safer work environment.

Easy Serviceability
The Trak-Pak II comes standard with a combination digital engine hour meter / engine tachometer and hydraulic oil level. Its open design allows easy access to all components; including a large hydraulic tank clean out.

Trak Pak II Service Bulletin 236 - Loss of battery power due to cooling fan
Trak Pak II Service Bulletin 248 - Thermostatic switch replacement


  • Engine: Honda GX-690
  • Fuel Cap:  7 gallons
  • Circuit:  10 GPM @ 2000 psi
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 9 gallons


  • Wheel Assembly
  • Flow Divider

Please note that we no longer sell Subaru engine model. However we do support these models with parts.

  • Gas Honda Power Unit, RRP Part No: 910146
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter, RRP Part No: 469489


  • Hose Reel, RRP Part No: 716610
  • 50' Hose Set, RRP Part No: 465671
  • 60" Hose Jumper Set, RRP Part No: 465672
  • Wheel Assembly, RRP Part No: 910146-W (Retrofit with wheels RRP Part No: 470162)
  • Pressure Gauge Assembly, RRP Part No: 910146-P (Retrofit with kit RRP Part No: 470163)
  • Flow Meter Assembly, RRP Part No: 910146-F (Retrofit with kit RRP Part No: 470164)
  • Hydraulic Selector Valve Assembly (Retrofit with kit RRP Part No: 470165)
  • Directional Control Valve Assembly
  • 12-Volt Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve Assembly
  • Split Circuits (2)


  • Length: 40 in.
  • Width: 24 in.
  • Height: 30 in.
  • Weight: 380 lbs