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Portable Hydraulic Tools

Spike Puller (910097)

Spike Puller (910097)

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The Spike Puller is the fastest puller in the marketplace offering 13,000 lbs of pull force. Jaws are in a ready-to-pull position when approaching the spike. Jaws automatically release the spike as the trigger is disengaged.

SprintSaw (910122)

SprintSaw (910203)

The Racine SprintSaw will provide gasoline type performance by cutting 132 lbs rail in less than 1 1/2 minutes. This is accomplished by utilizing a cog-belt driven design to produce proper 16" abrasive wheel speed to optimize rail cutting and lessen the chance of wheel glazing, not available with other hydraulic models.

TrackJack (910192)

Trak Jack (910205)

The Trak Jack is one of the lightest hydraulic rail jacks in the market. Our jack offers a 10-ton lifting capacity. The simple and efficient design is easy to use, yet durable enough to be used for years to come.

Trak-Pak 3 - Power Unit (910202)

Designed specifically for the railroad industry, the Racine Trak-Pak 3 is a heavy-duty hydraulic power unit that offers 5 or 10 GPM flow.

TraxMaxx Hydraulic Rail Drill (910204)

The TraxMaxx compact design allows the operator greater flexibility in tighter work areas. No tools necessary to change cutters or rail shoes.

Web Grinder

Web Grinder (910106)

Ergonomically designed for operator comfort and less back strain. Efficiently grinds away excess on rail welds or use to prepare rail for electric welds.