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RRP Machine Onsite Training Services

Racine Railroad Products offers Diagnostic and Maintenance Training at our Mt. Pleasant Training Center or at your site. Training covers technical and diagnostic operations on specified RRP machines. The class is geared towards 2017 and newer units:

  • Advance Anchormatic (AAM)
  • Advanced Tie Plate Inserter (ATPI)
  • Dual Anchor Adjuster (DAA)
  • Dual Anchor Spreader (DAS)
  • Dual Clip Applicator (DCA)
  • Dual Anchor Spreader Plate (DASP)

Attendees will receive both classroom and hands-on training to understand the software, hardware, and operation logic of the specified machines to better identify issues and troubleshoot. The main emphasis will be on understanding and using the built in diagnostics found in Racine control systems.

Topics covered include:

  • IQAN System
  • Modules
  • CAN bus Overview
  • CMA Valves
  • Smart Cylinders
  • Machine Operations including Auto Cycle
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Hydraulics Diagnostics

Training Objective

The program is designed to instruct mechanics on the proper care and maintenance of Racine machines. Attendees will learn theory, functions, diagnostics, and repair of systems specific to Racine machines.


Contact RRP to request a quote for mechanic training.
Cost includes instructors, classroom materials, hands-on activities.
Transportation and hotel accommodations for the students is not included.

Training Schedule

Training is normally scheduled Tuesdays through Thursdays for both classroom and hands on training.

*Monday and Friday are designated as travel days.

Class Size

  • Minimum: 5 persons*
  • Maximum: 8 persons

* For classes under 5 persons, there may be an additional travel charge for the instructors.